The story behind the scenes of the She Rocks Jewellery brand

My gorgeous dog, Bounty who keeps me company every day

Me and my beautiful teenage daughter Roxy :)

The stunning Surrey Hills in the UK where I am so lucky to live with my daughter Roxy and my Cavalier King Charles, Bounty, nature inspires me every day

My studio view out the window

Nothing makes me happier than getting pictures of my customers, so don't be shy and send me yours!

My studio is in my garden, the commute is wonderful :)

My very own colourful Pic'n Mix, I only use beads that inspire me to make beautiful jewelry.

Don't be afraid to show your true colours!

Showcase yourself in jewelery! Glamour is never out of style!

Sometimes simplicity is the key, not matter how intricate, all my jewellery has been made with love.

Beads are like sweets for me! I can never get enough of them!

The beauty of the jewelry often lies within the beauty of the stones.

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